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How it Works:

As a member of the Seven Stones Wine Club, you will automatically receive three shipments of wine per year. Each shipment will consist of 12 bottles, which will be six of one varietal and six of another varietal. The varietals shipped will most often be new releases or limited release wines. There is no need for you to choose or order wine, as George Hanson, the owner and winemaker, will select each wine.

Benefits of Membership:

  • 10% discount on all wines allocated to Wine Club Members.
  • Preferred access to limited release wines and access to occasional library release wines.
  • Simple implementation to receive two different varieties of wine three times per year.
  • Complimentary tasting at the Seven Stones Winery.
  • Preferred access to events held at Seven Stones Winery and the Caves at Seven Stones.

Costs to you:
You pay the price of wines minus a members-only 10% discount (plus shipping).

How you pay for wines and shipping:
We will keep your credit card and shipping info securely to be used only for Wine Club purchases.

Additional Benefits of Membership:
Seven Stones is a Boutique Winery that specializes in smaller quantities of exceptional vintages, and we often sell out of our popular wines. As a member of our Inner Circle, our intention is to give you special access to our Limited and Small Release wines and offer you unique advantages not available to the public for these special Small Lot wines. We also host a Wine Club Gala dinner the second Friday or Saturday of September in the Caves at Seven Stones with our Club Members as our guests. This evening includes a gourmet dinner, barrel tastings, and surprises!

2016 Wine Club Selections:
George has identified the following probable Wine Club selections for 2016:

April 3rd Week 2013 Petit Verdot, 2012 Vivianne Pinot Noir, 2013 Row 128 Merlot
June 3rd Week 2010 Meritage and 2014 Syrah
September -2nd Week 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2014 Legend
November (optional) Limited Library Release in a wooden Holiday Gift Box

To join the Seven Stones Wine Club, please Fill out our online form and we will send you a Registration Package

Sincerely George Hanson
George Hanson
Seven Stones Winery
250-499-2144 ph
250-499-2184 fax


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